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PETA #VeganFashion

This video series was created for PETA, to promote alternatives textiles instead of using animal products for fashion.

Highlighting the revolution in vegan leather footwear and reminding us how the new model helps to rectify disastrous effects of the leather industry, Stephanie Nicora, owner and founder of Nicora Johns, gives PETA an unprecedented insider’s look at her process creating only 100 percent cruelty-free, eco-friendly, and fair-wage handmade shoes made of all-recycled materials in the company’s Los Angeles factory.

Being made with vegan wool means being of high-tech, eco-friendly, cruelty-free construction—a model set to take over the fashion industry. Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart of VAUTE introduces PETA to her chic wool-free coats and chunky knit sweaters, which encourage positive change by taking animals out of the fashion equation and allow us to look and feel that much better getting dressed in the morning.

Soy Ecuador

I made this awhile ago while working aboard The Scholarship, I helped guide the Post Graduate Intl. Communications through making this mini Documentary about the future of Ecuador in 5 days.  It just recently got some subtitles so us English Speakers can actually know whats going on.  It’s also in French if you prefer.

watch behind the scenes HERE


Ryan and I were sitting in front of our place eating food, when they announced that Obama was going to be president, and the people of Brooklyn, starting hooting and hollering, naturally we grabbed our cameras, and made some friends with our neighbors.  

Soaking in Fall


After working on the computer all day Ryan and I went for a little walk, to soak in all the beauty here in the township of Morris










You can check ryans photos here

it’s great having a friend who inspires you and pushes you to be better