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Delta Does SF

Made a last minute decision to go with Delta Spirit to San Fransisco to watch/record them playing at NoisePop at Cafe du Nord. My night was quickly made when I talked to the house manager and explained that I had left a tripod here 7-8 months ago, the last time I was here with D.Spirit and Dr Dog. Much to my surprise the manager went to go check the lost and found, and ended up coming out with my tripod. i assumed it was lost after never hearing back from them….so a bit of good luck be-fell me.

This venue was quite a bit smaller than OC performing arts, and you could feel the intimacy here. The Guys played a great set, and many of the fans were saying that they stole the show…much like the review in OC weekly .

I’m happy to see the guys getting good reviews.

i haven’t gotten a chance to sort through all the footage yet, but snapped a couple pictures of Matt on the drive up.



video will be up soon!