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Light dancer

Been super busy working on a Doc with VERONICA DE LA CRUZ, so I haven’t had a a chance to post lately.  Went to LA and shot this while bored on a plane, hours later I would end up puking…… 

no tiene photoshop

I took some pictures today, but unfortunately I don’t have a working copy of Photoshop so I can’t process and post.(let me know if you can help me out)  But in case you like looking at my daily photos HERES A LINK TO FEBUARARY photo-765200.jpg

1 year of photos

I’ve switched my Daily Photo Blog to Flickr, as it integrates much easier than my previous blog.What’s funny, is I started that blog almost exactly one year ago.   There’s about 1000 photos taken of my life.  It starts HERE and I think its interesting to look at in chronological order…. 1000 is a bit much, but this is december/november I suggest putting on your favorite song and scrolling You should comment me and tell me about your favorites  If you still want more HERES JANUARY 

my love


My girl came to visit me in LA, and made me a happy man


Spent some in the mountains, making some delicious food


I helped out a little



Still practicing some different tonings


This is Bruno


I’m a happy man when we’re together