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Thrash labs- Sub-Culture Club

This Project was a dream for a person like me, embracing my desire to always know more this project involved researching and diving into different Subcultures for a couple weeks and at the end of it creating a short documentary usually 8-10 minutes

Working together with a great team at thrashlabs we told some fun and quirky stories.



Lately I’ve been using the word honest to describe many of the things that inspire me.honest.jpg40.jpgr.jpg v.jpg 

Light dancer

Been super busy working on a Doc with VERONICA DE LA CRUZ, so I haven’t had a a chance to post lately.  Went to LA and shot this while bored on a plane, hours later I would end up puking…… 


Been working on Finishing WAZI Teaser.   africa.jpg Don’t want to forget what I experienced while I was there


I don’t usually post things made by others, but today when watching this video it felt like something I would do.  I like how intimate it feels.  

Soy Ecuador

I made this awhile ago while working aboard The Scholarship, I helped guide the Post Graduate Intl. Communications through making this mini Documentary about the future of Ecuador in 5 days.  It just recently got some subtitles so us English Speakers can actually know whats going on.  It’s also in French if you prefer.

watch behind the scenes HERE

Sunshine laundry

This is a part of the project I’ve been working on with Joe Standart. I’ve been helping with the video elements to his portraits, and this is a little piece to tell the story of local Hartford business Sunshine Laundry.


Ryan and I were sitting in front of our place eating food, when they announced that Obama was going to be president, and the people of Brooklyn, starting hooting and hollering, naturally we grabbed our cameras, and made some friends with our neighbors.  

no translation needed

Ryan and  I stayed the night at mama oska’s with no translator, and no real means of communication.

This video made me remember what it felt like to be there, and around these beautiful “wototo” (children)