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Ryan and I have been sharing a camera, and going on random adventures

Check the pictures in his blog


City of Angels

LA has been a place I’ve called home for a while

People say alot of things about LA and I think they are all true. It is a big city, with so many little treasures laced between all the buildings and cars.

But since being back from Africa, I’ve felt the need for something more, a depth that is hard to find in shallowness of LA.


I have alot of good friends here, and am sure I will come back again.

Got to see two of my favorite bands play in LA this friday, and share it with my family.

Here’a a snap shot of Delta Spirit & Co. in the green room before the set.


Went to a BBq these weekend where I got to see some old friends and make new friends




You find beauty in the things you choose to.



Another weekend spent living it up in LA,

but Ryan and I have plans to move to NY in the next month or two

San Fransisco Treat

I stayed with my friend Grogen, when I went to SF with Delta Spirit.

this video about sums it up

I haven’t had much time to edit but here are some glimpses into the philosophies of Johnny Jameson and Delta Spirit

The Batcave

I did some more shooting with Delta Spirit this time we were at their studio in San Clemente. My friend Ryan Roco came along and took some stills click on his name to look at his blog.

heres a little glimpse of the action


I love how this picture is split between the outside and inside


Interviews are a key part to telling peoples stories, we were lucky enough to find this random setting to do ours.

Delta Does SF

Made a last minute decision to go with Delta Spirit to San Fransisco to watch/record them playing at NoisePop at Cafe du Nord. My night was quickly made when I talked to the house manager and explained that I had left a tripod here 7-8 months ago, the last time I was here with D.Spirit and Dr Dog. Much to my surprise the manager went to go check the lost and found, and ended up coming out with my tripod. i assumed it was lost after never hearing back from them….so a bit of good luck be-fell me.

This venue was quite a bit smaller than OC performing arts, and you could feel the intimacy here. The Guys played a great set, and many of the fans were saying that they stole the show…much like the review in OC weekly .

I’m happy to see the guys getting good reviews.

i haven’t gotten a chance to sort through all the footage yet, but snapped a couple pictures of Matt on the drive up.



video will be up soon!

Changing(delta) Spirit Orange County

Went to see my friends the Delta Spirit play with the Walkmen last night, and did some filming for my Documentary. I ussually don’t even film the performances anymore, it ussually more about the venue, and the people, and checking in on whats new with everybody’s life. It’s been a while since I’ve seen them, because they were on tour for a while.

I’m too lazy to edit, the footage because I’ve been editing all day, but here are my selects, and you could image what it’d look like if I had energy to edit.
Heres a nice picture that ryan roco took_mg_8081.jpg

So I’m a huge Obama Supporter, and have been working on some grass root campaigns. One of which is making Obama LA shirts.


I wore one of the shirts to the show last night, and got lots of compliments, and spurred lots of interesting conversations.

the brotherhood

I’ve always had a deep appreciation for music, growing up in the bubble of Orange County, music was what saved my life, and allowed me to leave even if it was just in my thoughts. I’ve played music for a while now, and because of it, I have lots of really talented musician friends. I gave up my dreams of being a Rock star long ago, but get to live the life vicariously through my friends. When I was first leaning about film in school, I would practice shooting all my friends bands. At the time I didn’t know why I was doing it, but I started telling their story. I found the subjects as interesting if not more interesting than the music. There was a few other things that clicked in my brain, but soon became clear that I wanted to make Documentary films. So I have continued shooting my friends bands, keeping tabs on their journeys, and will piece it all together when I’m ready. I wanted to have a concept for the film, that was bigger than just the music, or just one band, and I’m trying to show how many of these bands have been getting their inspiration form the 60’s, but more important than the sound, are the ideas. I like to believe the idea that social revolution is still possible, and maybe I’m projecting my goals onto the bands, but I know from talking to my friends that they feel the same way. Music is a powerful platform, especially for the youth, and I’m excited to see whhat these guys do with it. I’m going to try and edit some excerpts now that I have this Blog as an outlet to show them.

Thanks for reading my thoughts this morning

I included this little video as a reward.

It’s super raw, the “Brotherhood” were improving some blues covers