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Tastemade: All Nighter

Tastemade studios has a reputation for bringing high quality production to food and travel culture.   I was Director and DP for a couple episodes of this show All Nighter.  This show features Food Beast co-founder Elie Ayrouth as he visits different cities across the country to explore everything there is to eat, drink, and experience before the sun comes up.

In this episode Elie heads to Denver on 4/20 to inhale their growing pot culture and soak up their already impressive craft beer scene.

In this episode Elie gallops into Louisville the night before the Kentucky Derby, but can he go the distance and make it to Churchill Downs by morning?



I met some truly Amazing people while in Africa


Mama Oska


Dr. Quiwello (Shaft)




Happy Breezy

The last video of Breezy made me a little sad, So I made this one remember some of the good times

song by Dr Dog

Returning From Africa

Well after two months I made it back from Africa alive.


Heres a picture of me and Eddie, after our vow of not shaving for two months.



Here’s a picture from the beginning of our journey


Still feeling the residual effects of LA





These were the first pictures I took, after arriving in Africa.

I have a bunch of stuff to still go through, and plan on updating both this blog and

It feels good to be home.

Africa Update

Its been a while since I posted here, because I’m currently in africa and updating a new blog as part of the project I’m working on here.

Our film is tentativey title Wazi

and it follows the lives of People living with the stigimatism of HIV,

and the amazing things they are doing with their lives.

Please check this blog for updates


Here I come Africa

Big Developments in the world of Joshua. I recently got confirmation of our plans to go to Africa.

This is an answer to my prayers….I’m been sharpening my skills as a story teller with hopes of getting a chance to tell a story that I feel very passionately about and this is it.
Learn more at this site:


I would encourage you to subscribe and check in on this adventure as we have big plans….

and will be updating regularly.