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Amika Fashion Week

After meeting Amika’s Creative Director Vita Raykhman we hit it off instantly and have been collaborating ever since.  Initially I was creating Documentary and BTS films, this was my first attempt at creating an editorial video for them in 2012.

Goldie’s last stand

I was hesitant to start riding a fix gear, cause I felt like I was just hopping on a cool trend, but after the right introduction from some friends, I realized how much fun it was and now I’m hooked.

“Goldie” was my attempt at spending as little money as possible, and was great introductory bike.  Last night on my ride home, I broke one of her pedals off, and ate shit in the process.    I took it as a sign, and will be lying goldie to rest and getting a new bike.

this is “Goldie’s last Stand” some good memories riding around the Dana Point