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Anna Sui


The most interesting part of fashion week to me has always been the behind the scenes, the hours of prep that go into a 3 minute show.  This behind the scenes video gives a preview of some of Anna Sui’s new products and the models that love them.

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Wazi Film

Shot in 2006 this Feature films tells the story of a group of individuals living in rural Tanzania living with HIV, and the stigma they have to over come, as well as the Beautiful way they have come together to support each other.


Thrash labs- Sub-Culture Club

This Project was a dream for a person like me, embracing my desire to always know more this project involved researching and diving into different Subcultures for a couple weeks and at the end of it creating a short documentary usually 8-10 minutes

Working together with a great team at thrashlabs we told some fun and quirky stories.


New Forage

We(Faith Hitchon & I) started NewForage as a way to connect with other young families.  Sharing our own story as well as those that inspire us, with the hopes of Re:defining what being a family means.

We started publishing our own videos and blogs, and we contacted by some brands that we decided to partner with @Sakurabloom and @scoutfolks


While we love sharing our story, our ultimate goal is to create a community of like minded families, and to share stories about families that inspire us.   Our first tribe project is about the Acienos (@missverse)



Our first videos were based off a playlist I created for our trip, while later we would expand to adding narration.