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Wazi Film

Shot in 2006 this Feature films tells the story of a group of individuals living in rural Tanzania living with HIV, and the stigma they have to over come, as well as the Beautiful way they have come together to support each other.

FW 2015


Stela9 is one of my favorite brands to work with, being based in Antigua, Guatemala there’s always good food, good people, and adventures to be had.    One of the things I love about this brand is how they work with the local economy already in place, and have been growing together.    We started shooting together in 2011 and have been developing the brands look ever since.

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PETA: Living Series

With so much of PETA messaging being about why it’s so important to go Vegan, it became apparent that there was also a need for resources for those that have already decided to be Vegan; hence the development of “Living” series.  This series of videos highlight how easy it is to be Vegan as well as some tips on how to veganize some of your favorite dishes.

For this particular Video we enlisted the help of actress Victoria Summer to show us one of her favorite Vegan Dishes: Stuffed Zucchini.  Shot at Tastemade Studios in Santa Monica.

This was one of the first videos we shot in this series, and we choose to shoot in a staffers kitchen to show just how easy it is to make these recipes in your own home.

We expanded this series for PETA’s different affilates, this one with Marco Regil was for PETA Latino.


You can see more of this series here